Tips & Tricks

Aka-Resin,Liquid + Aka-Cure,Slow

Mixing ratio is 12.0 gr Aka-Cure, Slow to 100.0 gr Aka-Resin.

It is important to use the correct mixing ratio. Too much or too little curing agent will result in mounts not cured to

their full potential.Mix more than 25 (g) to obtain a good precision in your mix.

If you need a certain amount of mix Z(g) it can be calculated using the following formula:

Aka-Cure, Slow(g)=Z(g)x0.1071


Resin and hardener are weighed into a plastic cup.Mix until the mixture is clear without stripes.

Spilled epoxy can be washed off with Aka-Clean WF。

Pour into Aka-Moulds that have been treated with Aka-No-Stick,Liquid.

Diameter 50mm needs active cooling,place in a fume hood or next to a fan to prevent boiling.



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